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ANSI is the familiar acronym for American National Standards Institute, originally formed in 1918 by five engineering societies and three U.S. government agencies.  As a private non-profit organization, ANSI promotes U.S. products, systems, processes, services and personnel throughout the world by overseeing voluntary consensus standards.  The ANSI product standards are our focus at Design Hardware, where our locksets meet and exceed ANSI accreditation.

Below you’ll find a chart of our various ANSI locks, each designed for a specific application.  To determine which of our ANSI locks you need, find your application in the “type” column.  Scan to the right to determine the ANSI lock classification number and a helpful description about how that ANSI lock functions.  We offer most of them in a Grade 1 ANSI lock, a Grade 2 ANSI lock and a Grade 3 ANSI lock.  There’s more information about each of these grades at CylindricalLock.com and Grade2Lock.com.

Outside / Inside Series / Function Type ANSI Number Function Description
x-75 X-75 Passage F75 Latchbolt operated by lever from either side at all times.
x-76 X-76 Privacy F76 Latchbolt operated by lever from either side. Outside lever is locked by push button inside and unlocked by emergency release outside, rotating inside lever or closing door.
x-82 X-82 Entry / Office F82 Turn / push button locking. Pushing and turning button locks outside levr requiring use of key until button in manually unlocked. Pushing button locks outside lever until unlocked with key or inside lever is turned. Deadlocking latchbolt operated by inside lever at all times.
x-84 X-84 Classroom F84 Deadlocking latchbolt operated by lever from either side except when outside lever is locked from outside by key. When outside lever is locked, latchbolt is operated by key in outside lever or by rotating inside lever.
x-86 X-86 Storeroom F86 Deadlocking latchbolt opperated by key in outside lever or rotating inside lever. Outside lever is always locked.
x-dd X-DD Double Dummy N/A Double dummy trim for both sides of door. Both levers rigid.


Each column in the chart below is our suggestive use for each application and not necessarily an ANSI requirement, but at Design Hardware, we’re not only ANSI accredited.  Our locksets meet ADA (American with Disabilities Act) requirements as well local fire codes, usage standards and more.  Regardless of the lockset you choose, our limited lifetime guarantee and dedication to quality insures your door hardware will comply with building requirements and perform flawlessly for many years.

For more information about ANSI locks and ANSI Standards, contact your nearest Design Hardware representative.  You’ll find a list of our reps, along with lots of information about our ANSI locks at DesignHardware.net.

Just as ANSI promotes U.S. products with their oversight of compliance standards, Design Hardware promotes U.S. productivity with our ever-growing line of ANSI accredited door hardware that we’re shipping all over the world.  For more about ANSI, log onto www.ANSI.org, and to purchase a copy of any of their standards, visit  www.WebStore.ANSI.org.

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